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Latest publications

  1. On Finite-State Tonology with Autosegmental Representations

    Publication: Conference contributionA4 Article in conference publication (refereed)

  2. The Mathematics of Language Learning

    Publication: Conference contributionB3 Unrefereed article in conference proceedings

  3. Implementation of replace rules using preference operator

    Publication: Conference contributionA4 Article in conference publication (refereed)

Organisation Profile

Natural Language Processing

  • Finite-State Methods:
    • Applications of Finite-State Transducers 
    • Rule Systems in Phonology, Morphology and Syntax
    • Finite-State Algorithms and Libraries in CLARIN
    • Finite-State Morphology for Non-European Languages
  • Tree Automata:
    • Computational Dependency Grammars
    • Aligned Corpora (Hebrew-Greek-Finnish)
    • Dependency Tree Transducers

Computer Science (Automata Theory and Finite Model Theory)

  • Automata Theory: 
    • Compilers for Finite-State Rules, Constraints and Grammars
    • Construction and Minimization of Automata
    • Weighted Automata and Rational Counter Functions
  • Formal Language Theory:
    • Subregular Languages
    • Mildly Context-Sensitive Dependency Grammars
    • Arbology: Extensions of Pushdown Machines and Linearized Representation of Trees
  • Finite-Model Theory:
    • Monadic Second-Order Logic and Automata
    • Weighted Logic