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  1. Marie Curie Training Conferences and Workshops on Clostridia (CLOSTRIDIA)

    Lindström, M., Minton, N., Titball, R., Liebl, W., Rupnik, M., Mastrantonio, P. & Soucaille, P.


    Project: Research project

  2. Pathogenic mechanisms of Clostridium botulinum type E

    Lindström, M., Mascher, G., Sugawara, Y. & Fujinaga, Y.


    Project: Research project

  3. Human pathogenic bacteria and their contamination routes on dairy farms and in raw milk

    Lindström, M., Castro, H., Hakkinen, M. & Jaakkonen, A.


    Project: Research project

  4. Understanding the Clostridium spore, a prerequisite for disease interventions and exploitation

    Minton, N., Henriques, A., Martin-Verstraete, I., López Contreras, A., Wells-Bennik, M. & Jenkinson, L.


    Project: Research project

  5. Understanding the Clostridium Spore, a Prerequisite for Disease Interventions and Exploitation (CLOSPORE)

    Lindström, M., Minton, N., Henriques, A., López Contreras, A., Martin-Verstraete, I., Wells-Bennik, M. & Jenkinson, L.

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    Project: Research project

  6. Canine total hip replacement project

    Hakala, L. & Hyytiäinen, H.

    01/01/2014 → …

    Project: Research project

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