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  1. HisLit: Engaging in disciplinary thinking: historical literacy practices in Finnish general upper secondary schools

    Rantala, J., Ouakrim-Soivio, N., van den Berg, M., Manninen, M., Luukka, M., Sulkunen, S., Saario, J., Paldanius, H., Mikkonen, S., Veijola, A., Rautiainen, M. & Vesterinen, I.

    10/08/2015 → …

    Project: Research project

  2. Suomalaisen ravitsemusvalistuksen historia 1900–2000

    Rautavirta, K., Ahlström, A. & Parkkinen, K.


    Project: Research project

  3. NorBaTM: New Open Reseach: Beliefs About Teaching Mathematics

    Hannula, M., Lepik, M., Pipere, A., Haser, C., Haser, C., Pantziara, M., Kardanova, E. & Oksanen, S.

    Project: Research project

  4. INSEL: The International Network for the Social Essentials of Learning

    Clarke, D., Shimizu, Y., Hannula, M., Grau, V., Cao, Y. & Knipping, C.


    Project: Research project_Research

  5. The Lexicon Project: Analysing pedagogical naming systems from different cultures to reconceptualise classroom practice and advance educational theory

    Clarke, D., Artigue, M., Knipping, C., Shimizu, Y., Cao, Y., Novotna, J., Hannula, M. & Sahlström, F.


    Project: Research project_Research

  6. Promoting Social Justice Teacher Education

    Dervin, F.


    Project: Research project

  7. EDINA: EDucation of International Newly Arrived migrant pupils

    Dervin, F.


    Project: Research project

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