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  1. Changing Geography and History of Sports

    Muukkonen, P. & Rantala, K.

    01/09/2015 → …

    Project: Research projectResearch

  2. Maahanmuuttajat maantieteen oppitunnilla

    Muukkonen, P.

    01/08/2015 → …

    Project: Research projectResearch

  3. Use of dendrochronological and model simulation approaches to determine the main factors affecting growth of subtropical trees in south China

    Alam, S. A., Berninger, F., Hölttä, T., Vesala, T. & Huang, J.

    National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC)


    Project: Research projectResearch facilities

  4. AAFIG: Absorbing Aerosols and Fate of the Indian Glaciers

    Jutila, A.

    01/09/2013 → …

    Project: Research projectResearch

  5. Quantitative constraints on the formation of hydrothermal rare earth element deposits

    Wagner, T., Andersson, S., Jonsson, E., Taubald, H. & Leijd, M.


    Project: Research project

  6. Non-equilibrium and extended dynamical systems

    Stenlund, M.


    Project: Research project

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