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  1. Evaluator of applicants - Östersjöstiftelsen

    Anne Holli (Assessment), Österjöstiftelsen, 01.01.201431.12.2014

    Activity: Councils, boards, committees and networksAssessment of candidates for academic posts

  2. Helsingin yliopiston tieteentekijät HYT ry hallituksen jäsen

    Jemima Repo (Board member), , 01.01.201431.12.2015

    Activity: Councils, boards, committees and networksMembership or other role in national/international committee, council, board

  3. Management & Organizational History (Sage), referoitu kv. lehti, referee

    Pertti Ahonen (Participant), 01.01.201406.01.2014

    Activity: Other activitiesOther

  4. Reviewer - Comparative Political Studies

    Anne Holli (Reviewer), 01.01.2014

    Activity: Editorial work / peer reviewPeer review of manuscripts

  5. Reviewer - Scandinavian Political Studies

    Anne Holli (Reviewer), 01.01.201430.06.2014

    Activity: Editorial work / peer reviewPeer review of manuscripts

  6. Tutkimusvierialu

    Jussi Pakkasvirta (Visiting researcher), 02.01.201418.01.2014

    Activity: International Mobility: VisitsAcademic visit to other institution

  7. Turkissa sadat poliisit saivat potkut (Hundreds of Police officers are sacked in Turkey)

    Halil Gurhanli (Participant), YLE1, 07.01.2014

    Activity: Public appearancesParticipation in TV programme

  8. country expert

    Hanna Wass (Participant), 07.01.201424.01.2014

    Activity: Other activitiesOther

  9. Chair and Organizer of Gender, Culture and Society Doctoral Programme Open Seminar

    Johanna Kantola (Chair), 09.01.2014

    Activity: Conferences, workshops, courses, seminarsOrganisation and participation in conferences, workshops, courses, seminars

  10. Keynote in Nuorten Filosofia Tapahtuma 2014

    Johanna Kantola (Speaker: Keynote), 10.01.2014

    Activity: Conferences, workshops, courses, seminarsPublic Talks

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