Jouko Lindstedt


Research areas

  • 6121 Languages - Slavic, Slavonic, linguistics, Bulgarian, Macedonian, Balkan languages, language contacts, Old Church Slavonic, Esperanto, language policy

Curriculum vitae

Born in 1955. Ph.D. 1985. Professor of Slavonic Philology at the University of Helsinki from 1986. Visiting researcher at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (April-May 1999) and at the University of Uppsala (February-March 2007).

Member of the International Committee of Slavists 1993-2010. Chair of the Nordic Association of Slavists 1994-1997. Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts 2004-2006 (academic and international affairs). Member of the Academy of Esperanto from 1998. Chair of the Finnish Romani Language Board from 2008.

Current research interests:

  • the development of Bulgarian and Macedonian as Balkan languages;
  • the origin, spontaneous change, and nativization of Esperanto as a contact language;
  • language policy in the Balkans and in the European Union;
  • early Slavonic studies;
  • South Slavonic philology.

Earlier, I also published on tense, aspect, evidentiality, and other verb categories.

I have collected a Bibliography of Bulgarian and Macedonian Studies in Finland.

I participate in the Helsinki Area & Language Studies (HALS) initiative.

Research projects:

Updating the Sociology of Language in the Balkans (funded by the Academy of Finland, 2009-2013)

The Konikovo Gospel (diverse funding, 2004-2008)

Corpus Cyrillo-Methodianum Helsingiense (no separate funding, slowly developing from 1986)

Contacts and Identity in the Balkans (funded by the Academy of Finland, 1998-2000)


Highlighted publications

  1. Balkan Slavic and Balkan Romance: From Congruence to Convergence

    Lindstedt, J. 2014 Congruence in Contact-Induced Language Change: Language Families, Typological Resemblance, and Perceived Similarity. Besters-Dilger, J., Dermarkar, C., Pfänder, S. & Rabus, A. (eds.). Berlin/Boston: de Gruyter, p. 168-183 16 p. (Linguae & Litterae)

    Publication: Contribution to book/anthologyA3 Contribution to book/other compilations (refereed)

  2. Ĉu lingvoj evoluas simile al biologiaj specioj?

    Lindstedt, J. 2013 p. 58-66 9 p.

    Publication: Conference contributionB3 Unrefereed article in conference proceedings

  3. When in the Balkans, Do as the Romans Do: —Or Why the Present is the Wrong Key to the Past

    Lindstedt, J. 2012 Balkan Encounters: Old and New Identities in South-Eastern Europe. Lindstedt, J. & Wahlström, M. (eds.). University of Helsinki, Department of Modern Languages, p. 107-123 17 p. (Slavica Helsingiensia; vol. 41)

    Publication: Contribution to book/anthologyB2 Contribution to book/other compilations (non-refereed)

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Highlighted activities

  1. Visit of Maxim Makartsev, Russian Academy of Sciences

    Jouko Lindstedt (Host), 26.01.201506.02.2015

    Activity: International Mobility: Hosted VisitsAcademic visit at UH

  2. The Ninth Annual Meeting of the Slavic Linguistics Society

    Jouko Lindstedt (Speaker: Presenter), 19.09.201421.09.2014

    Activity: Conferences, workshops, courses, seminarsOrganisation and participation in conferences, workshops, courses, seminars

  3. Field work as a member of the HALS team in Sakhalin and Hokkaido

    Jouko Lindstedt (Visiting researcher), 02.08.201425.08.2014

    Activity: International Mobility: VisitsAcademic visit to other institution

  4. Scientific Conference of the International Seminar of Macedonian Language, Literature, and Culture

    Jouko Lindstedt (Speaker: Presenter), 14.06.201415.06.2014

    Activity: Conferences, workshops, courses, seminarsOrganisation and participation in conferences, workshops, courses, seminars

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Ph.D., Slavonic Philology

ID: 42916