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I am the senior researcher in the Mycorrhizal interactions group studying mycorrhizosphere functions and interactions. My research is targeted at aspects of development and function of mycorrhizas and mycorrhizospheres. One major research theme during my career has been to get basic information of the types and functions of microbial populations associating with different parts of mycorrhizospheres at different conditions. Functions of mycorrhizospheres, particularly external mycelium, in nutrient release, uptake and translocation have been my long term interests.

Currently we are concentrating on the genomics and functions of the fungus associating archaea in the boreal forest soils. We are also involved in more applied projects about boreal nursery practices and tropical agroforestry as well as nitrogen translocations and transformations in mycorrhizospheres.

I am regularily giving courses in microbial ecology, plant microbe interactions, evolution of symbiosis, ethics as well as different types of microbiology practicals. Microbes for me include archaea, bacteria, fungi and also other types of small eukaryotes.

Further information on the affiliationTeachers Academy Fellow

Latest publications

  1. Oxalate-Metabolising Genes of the White-Rot Fungus Dichomitus squalens Are Differentially Induced on Wood and at High Proton Concentration

    Makela, M. R., Sietiö, O-M., de Vries, R. P., Timonen, S. & Hilden, K. 5 Feb 2014 In : PLoS One. 9, 2, 11 p., 87959

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

  2. Teachers' Academics in the department

    Heikkilä, I., Lankinen, P. & Timonen, S. 2014 In : EYT-News : Elintarvike- ja ympäristötieteiden laitoksen henkilökuntalehti.

    Publication: Contribution to journalE1 Popular article, newspaper article

  3. Processes in Living Structures

    Bäck, J., Nikinmaa, E., Kulmala, M., Simojoki, A., Hari, P., Häkkinen, R., Linkosalo, T., Hänninen, H., Juurola, E., Kolari, P., Kabiri Koupaei, K., Porcar-Castell, A., Heinonsalo, J., Timonen, S., Heliövaara, K., Raivonen, M., Joensuu, J., Pihlatie, M., Pumpanen, J., Kurola, J., Salkinoja-Salonen, M. S. & Kähkönen, M. Feb 2013 Physical and Physiologial Forest Ecology. Hari, P., Heliövaara, K. & Kulmala, L. (eds.). Dordrecht: Springer, p. 43-223 182 p.

    Publication: Contribution to book/anthologyA3 Contribution to book/other compilations (refereed)

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  1. Co-supervisor of doctoral thesis

    Sari Timonen (Co-supervisor), 2015 → …

    Activity: Thesis supervision, mentoring and examinationSupervisor or co-supervisor of doctoral thesis

  2. Eliökunnan kolmas haara sai nimen arkeonit

    Sari Timonen (Participant), LUMA-sanomat, 1 Feb 2014

    Activity: Public appearancesParticipation in interview for web based media

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    Sari Timonen (Speaker: Presenter), 4 Mar 2014

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