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Tissue engineering for drug research

My research focuses on developing functional and predictive cell-based tools for drug research and personalized medicine. We use stem cells- and biomaterials-based tissue engineering approach to produce functional cells and tissues. We have developed flexible, dynamic three-dimensional (3D) culture systems for human pluripotent stem cells (human embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells) and human cancer cells. The current specific objective is to generate functional hepatocytes with 3D configuration as drug development tools for drug and chemical testing. We apply advanced cell culture technologies and novel biomaterials, along with molecular biology methods. Our research not only develops new cell-based technologies but also advance fundamental understanding of how matrix and biomaterials affect cell behavior and performance.


Cell-biomaterials interactions, pharmaceutical and medical applications (lecture course 590284, 3 credits)

In vitro drug permeability (Advanced biopharmaceutics practicals 590289)

Curriculum vitae

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BSc in Pharmacy, School of Pharmacy, West China University of Medical Sciences, Chengdu, China, 1996

PhD in Molecular Endocrinology, Faculty of Medicine, University of Tampere, Finland, 2005

Academic posts

Pharmacist, Institute for Drug Control, Xi'An, China, 1996-1999

Researcher, University of Tampere, Tampere, Finland, 1999-2006

Senior researcher, REGEA Institute for Regenerative Medicine, Tampere, Finland, 2006-2007

Research scientist, A*STAR Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (IBN), Singapore, 2007-2009

Principal investigator, University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland, 2009-



Latest publications

  1. In press

    Effect of differentiation on endocytic profiles of endothelial and epithelial cell culture models

    Ilina, P., Partti, S., Niklander, J., Ruponen, M., Lou, Y-R. & Yliperttula, M. 15.01.2015 In : Experimental Cell Research.

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

  2. A critical assessment of in vitro tissue models for ADME and drug delivery

    Vellonen, K-S., Malinen, M., Mannermaa, E., Subrizi, A., Toropainen, E., Lou, Y-R., Kidron, H., Yliperttula, M. & Urtti, A. 28.09.2014 In : Journal of Controlled Release. 190, p. 94-114 21 p.

    Publication: Contribution to journalA2 Review in scientific journal

  3. Differentiation of liver progenitor cell line to functional organotypic cultures in 3D nanofibrillar cellulose and hyaluronan-gelatin hydrogels

    Malinen, M. M., Kanninen, L. K., Corlu, A., Isoniemi, H. M., Lou, Y-R., Yliperttula, M. L. & Urtti, A. O. 06.2014 In : Biomaterials. 35, 19, p. 5110-5121 12 p.

    Publication: Contribution to journalA1 Refereed journal article

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  1. Academic visit to start collaborations in research and teaching

    Yan-Ru Lou (Visiting lecturer), 12.01.201519.01.2015

    Activity: International Mobility: VisitsAcademic visit to other institution

  2. Stem Cells and Development

    Yan-Ru Lou (Reviewer), 02.2014

    Activity: Editorial work / peer reviewPeer review of manuscripts


    Yan-Ru Lou (Reviewer), 03.2014

    Activity: Editorial work / peer reviewPeer review of manuscripts

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