Avian Research Community (ARC)

Project: Research Evaluation 2011

Research in the Avian Research Community (ARC) explores a variety of ecological and evolutionary issues using wild birds as model systems. In particular, ARC collects, stewards, and analyses long-term data to provide insights in evolutionary and population dynamics as well as conservation biology of natural populations. In one corner of its research spectrum, ARC’s researchers carry out individual-level studies on birds (e.g. eagle owl, Ural owl, tawny owl, goshawk, pied flycatcher, blue tit). Here, the main aim is to obtain insights in evolutionary ecological questions. On the other side of its research interests, ARC stewards large-scale (national) population-level data of bird censuses in a variety of monitoring and mapping projects. The latter are used to assess population changes and conservation status of Finnish avifauna and explore ecological and evolutionary aspects related to changes in the environment.

Responsible person: Jon Brommer, Division of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Department of Bioscience

Participation category: 1
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