International Evaluation of Chemistry Research in Finland 2005-2009 (Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry)

Project: Research interest

The Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry belongs to the UH Faculty of Pharmacy. The chemistry research at the unit is 65 per cent analytical chemistry and 35 per cent medicinal chemistry. The unit has a research staff of three professors and, on average over the reviewed period, six senior or postdoctoral researchers, 14 postgraduate students and one graduate student, as well as two technicians. Basic research represents 60 per cent of the unit’s activities. External funding accounts for 50 per cent of the total funding budget and comes mainly from the Academy of Finland, the EU and Tekes. The unit consists of two main groups: analytical chemistry and medicinal chemistry, with largely similar human resources. The medicinal chemistry research team was established in 2004 as a research group in the Division of Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

The research of the unit aims at developing new biologically active compounds and key technologies that foster the drug discovery process. Specific research topics are (i) development of atmospheric pressure ionization methods, (ii) microchip-based analytics, and (iii) multi-disciplinary UDP (uridine diphosphate) glucuronosyltransferase research. Other current activities include the analysis of neurotransmitters and their metabolites in the brain; metabolomics; and medicinal chemistry in general, and the development of lead molecules based on naturally occurring terpenes and peptidomimetics.

ID: 14366519