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Mera information om affiliation med HUProfessor of geoinformatics, Department of geosciences and geography, University of Helsinki. Director of the Taita Research Station of the University of Helsinki, Kenya Inspector of the Tavastia Nation (Hämäläis-Osakunta), a student corporation at the University of Helsinki.

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  1. E-publicering före tryck

    GIS-based cost distance modelling to support strategic maritime search and rescue planning: A feasibility study

    Siljander, M., Venäläinen, E., Goerlandt, F. & Pellikka, P. 05.01.2015 i : Applied Geography. 57, 0, s. 54-70 17 sidantal

    Publikation: Bidrag till tidskriftA1 Vetenskaplig originalartikel

  2. E-publicering före tryck

    Local assessment of changes in water-related ecosystem services and their management: DPASER conceptual model and its application in Taita Hills, Kenya

    Hohenthal, J., Owidi, E., Minoia, P. & Pellikka, P. 2015 i : International Journal of Biodiversity Science, Ecosystem Services & Management. 2015

    Publikation: Bidrag till tidskriftA1 Vetenskaplig originalartikel

  3. Land cover changes in montane cloud forests in Kenya and its potential impacts on water availability – similarity in Saudi Arabia

    Pellikka, P., Yahya Al Shaikh, A., Maeda, E. E., Adhikari, H., Hurskainen, P. & Siljander, M. 16.12.2014 s. 298-307 10 sidantal

    Publikation: KonferensbidragA4 Artikel i konferenspublikation

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  1. Leading field work and airborne remote sensing data acquisition in the Taita Hills, Kenya, 2014

    Petri Pellikka (Besökande forskare), 13.01.201425.01.2014

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  2. World Agroforestry Centre, Biodev project field work, Sierra Leone

    Petri Pellikka (Besökande forskare), 01.03.201409.03.2014

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  3. University of Jyväskylä, seminar at the Department of Biological and Environmental Science

    Petri Pellikka (Närvarande), 08.03.2014

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